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String Service

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Part of a bow will wear out over time, including the string. When your bowstring needs replacing, consider Mouldy's Archery. Our trained technicians are experts at replacing strings so they match your draw weight and are correctly fitted for your bow. Have another problem or question about your bowstring? Ask our skilled service personnel. These services include:

  • Pre-Stretched 452X Custom Bow Strings. Mouldy’s Archery has purchased state of the art equipment to make the finest bow strings and cables available in the archery industry.
  • Our strings are made of the highest quality 452X material, pre-stretched to 400 lbs. and available in a wide selection of colors.
  • All strings come with a warranty and prices will be very competitive.
  • No more waiting 10 days to two weeks to order custom strings and cables. We are able to build your strings and cables within a day or two of your order.